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Welcome to Mina's studio

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Chapel Hill's premiere full service salon Voted Best Hair Salon!

At Mina's Studio, you'll receive a warm welcome and a luxurious escape from your daily stresses.Our talented staff gives personalized attention to hair styling, nails, skin care, & make-up.

Voted Best Hair Salon in Chapel Hill & Best Salon in the Triangle!

******Due to software changes at the salon, online booking is temporarily unavailable. You can email your appointment requests to: info@minasstudio.com

We're conveniently located between 15-501 and Franklin Street close to UNC in Chapel Hill and a short distance from Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Carrboro.

| Minas Studio | (919) 968-8548
CHAPEL HILL, NC 27514 5823

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients

Happy clients are our priority!

  • "Always on time - amazing. This has not been my experience in other salons, and it is truly amazing that this salon seems to work like clock-work. Kudos."
    Barbara F.
  • "The general attitude of the whole staff; do I want something to drink? Information about my hair, skin or waxing, never a lapse in excellent customer service and education about my hair, skin, waxing needs, general well being. It's always such a pleasure to just walk in the door."
    Helga B.
  • "I appreciate the prompt and professional service at Minas."
    Anonymous, DemandForce
  • "A lovely experience - from the greetings received from the service desk to the excellent haircut by Gabriella. Her skill and insight are the reasons I return to Mina's year after year."
    Shirley C.

Beauty Insights From Our Stylists

Learn how to look your best with these tips!

  • Minimizing Large Pores

    For many women, large pores are a top beauty concern. These small holes can feel giant, leading to lowered confidence and self-esteem. But if large pores have you singing the blues, here’s what you should know. Causes Everybody has pores. Some people’s are just more noticeable than others. These ...

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  • Styling Products

    Add the right product and your hair goes from bland to grand. The wrong product – or the right product used the wrong way – can make your hair heavy and greasy, and require you to wash it out and start the styling process all over. Use our easy styling product guide to get the right effect. Mousse Mousse ...

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  • How to Get the Best Shave

    If you aren’t getting the closest shave possible, you might as well just let your beard grow. But if you want skin that is soft and smooth — and free of nicks and razor burn — here are some tips to help you achieve the best shave of your life. Wet your beard thoroughly. Wet hair is much easier ...

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  • History of Beards

    With the popularity of beards among millennials, you might think that young men today invented the beard. But the ability to grow facial hair has long inspired men to express their personality and masculinity in unique and interesting ways. Ancient Times In Ancient Egypt royalty — kings and queens ...

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  • Hair Styling Options

    In today’s day and age, there is so much one can do with their hair. Dare to explore a variety of styles and enjoy the freedom to shape your tresses the way you want. Blowout A blowout is not your at-home blow dry, it is a more thorough blow dry intended to give a smooth look with lots of volume. ...

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  • Protecting Your Skin in Winter

    If you live in a place that gets cold during the winter, then it’s not just the winter blues that you need to beat. When the temperatures drop, your skin can become dry and cracked. Cold winter air also tends to be drier, which sucks the moisture out of the body. And if the wind picks up, any exposed ...

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  • Best Brush for Your Hair Type

    Most women give more thought to their shampoo than to that most humble and underestimated styling tool, the hairbrush. But this basic piece of equipment can make a big difference – for good or bad – in the way your hair looks and feels. Let’s examine some of the most common types of hairbrushes ...

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  • 4 Pro Tips to Protect Your Hair From Coloring Treatments

    Did you know that one of the most common causes of hair damage is from coloring treatments? Over-processing hair or applying color incorrectly can cause serious damage that impacts not only the look of your locks but the health of your strands and scalp. Ways to Protect Your Hair from Coloring Treatments With ...

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  • Treating Adult Acne

    Many teenagers experience acne, but this condition can also affect adults. Even more frustrating, a treatment that worked during adolescence may not work for someone as an adult. It might even make the acne worse. Like acne during the teenage years, adult acne is caused by bacteria that grow in a clogged ...

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  • Beard Styles

    Beards have been around for as long as men, and over the years there have been countless styles created. Many of these are still in vogue today, which means that men wanting to grow a beard have lots of options to choose from. Here’s a quick run-down of the most popular beard styles. Full Beard. The ...

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