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Customer Reviews

What's most important to us is the satisfaction of our salon clients. Below is a sampling of the many satisfied customers that we've had the pleasure to serve in our over 20 years in Chapel Hill. They come from as close as Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, Raleigh and the surrounding Triangle area to as far as Italy and the Bahamas. As a full service salon offering hair, body, nail and skin care services we've got a feedback on a wide range of services from hair styling, waxing, make-up, bridal services, manicures and pedicures to spa packages, massage, facials and sunless tanning. It's because of these great clients that we have been voted best hair salon in the Triangle year after year by Metro magazine, Chapel Hill News, Durham Herald Sun and others.

A special thanks to all of our loyal clients for sharing their salon experiences and we look forward to seeing you in our salon again soon.

"Always on time - amazing. This has not been my experience in other salons, and it is truly amazing that this salon seems to work like clock-work. Kudos." — Barbara F..

"...the staff is always friendly and attentive when I check in and out. Nicole is excellent." — Robin

"The general attitude of the whole staff; do I want something to drink? Information about my hair, skin or waxing, never a lapse in excellent customer service and education about my hair, skin, waxing needs, general well being. It's always such a pleasure to just walk in the door." — Helga B.

"The service I received was excellent. Karen is great. She is very friendly. I always feel. comfortable around her. She gives great suggestions about hair styles and is awesome at cutting my very thick, curly hair." — Jane M.

"I appreciate the prompt and professional service at Minas." — Anonymous, DemandForce

"Mina's Studio is always an excellent experience. Mina's was recommended to me more than 6 years ago, and I would recommend them to anyone. I drive 45 minutes from downtown Raleigh to go to Mina's, and for a year when living out of the country, scheduled visits with friends and family in the U.S. around my hair appointments at Mina's!" — Kristi D., DemandForce

"My facial was deeeevine!! Jenny is warm and friendly and very professional in her knowledge and approach to a very wonderful facial and feeling." — Pat B., DemandForce

"Great haircut! Fast, efficient, and very skilled! Will definitely be back!" — Anonymous, DemandForce

"Lane is awesome! Called the day prior in the height of the Holiday season and he juggled his schedule to fit me in - hair color that took "10 Yrs off me", cut to make me have a professional appearance for the multiple catering events through the Holiday season - Enthusiastic, professional and awesome in every way - Highly recommend!" — Kenton J., DemandForce

"A lovely experience - from the greetings received from the service desk to the excellent haircut by Gabriella. Her skill and insight are the reasons I return to Mina's year after year." — Shirley C., DemandForce

"I love the Minas team!!!!!!" — Gina S., DemandForce

"nice and welcoming ambiance..." — Kathy F., DemandForce

"Always have great results with the hair styling and great service" — Sandra E., DemandForce

"Always an awesome experience, everyone is friendly, and on time!" — Anonymous, DemandForce

"Both hairstylist and manacirist were very friendly, accommodating and competent." — Jennifer A.

"Exceptional color!!!" — Jennifer A.

"Great as usual. Loved the hot tea along with my cut and dolor!" — Twing P., DemandForce

"Spectacular color & cut with a very difficult head of hair." — Sarah L., DemandForce

"The hair cut was done very well and I enjoyed my time there." — Bipasa C.

"Fantastic!" — Anonymous, DemandForce

"Very knowledgeable" — Julia P., DemandForce

"Great as always!" — Julie W., DemandForce

"I went into my appointment with a disastrous color problem (which was the result of a different hair salon). In 2 1/2 hours, they restored my hair color. It looks better than ever! I highly recommend their salon for any and all hair needs." — Natalee M., DemandForce

"Thanks for taking me last minute on a Saturday! Wonderful service, as always!" — Donna C., DemandForce

"Love having my hair done and being pampered at Mina's Studio. I work with Erin and she's wonderful. She is very knowledgeable with color and is very creative with her cuts. If only she could do my hair everyday!!" — Anne S., DemandForce

"efficiently run, nice friendly people, beautiful and creative haircutting and styling. Worth every penny." — Anonymous, DemandForce

"Bottom line, I LOVE my hair. I walked out looking like a totally different person. Tony is amazing and I will be coming back again!" — Anonymous, DemandForce

"I received very professional service and I am very happy with the final product" — Anonymous, DemandForce

"Alejandra listens to any concern and does an outstanding job. Very talented and professional." — Anonymous, DemandForce

"Today I had my first visit to Mina's studio. It was an excellent experience. All the staff were helpful and friendly. My hairdresser Erin was excellent, she discussed very thoroughly with me about what color requirements she thought I would need. She was very pleasant and informative throughout the whole procedure. The end results more than met my expectations, I was extremely pleased. Matthew was also stand out making sure I was taken care of. Needless to say I made another appointment, and I will see you in April." — Jennifer A.

"I love the spa feeling, especially for facials." — Kristen P.

"I think Lane is one of the most talented hairstylists I've had for many years! I've also gotten facials from several people, always very nice and relaxing. TWO THUMBS UP!" — Tonya S.

"I have lived in the area for approximately one year. During this time, I have tried salon services of some area businesses. I have been satisfied. However, since scheduling some salon services at Mina's I may have found my "home". What a welcoming and professional salon and staff!" — Donna W.

"My favorite part is the staff! Always friendly and professional." — Katie H.

"The staff is always beyond helpful and friendly, professional." — Whitney C.

"Being a long time customer, they know me and it always feels like the salon version of "Cheers." (Now you know how ancient I am, referring to that show!)" — Briggs W.

"Would I recommend this salon? I recommend this salon ALL THE TIME to my friends. I've thus far gotten two friends to come in and they're also religious clients now. Unfortunately I am in my early 20s and a lot of my friends are still using cheaper methods and salons, then not understanding why their hair never looks as good. Your hair is an investment!

I also really do like that there is a complimentary coffee service. I know it's a small thing but it really does give the salon a more upscale feel. But I do not find Mina's to be any more expensive then much crappier salons.

And as I mentioned before probably my favorite part of the salon is that I always leave happy and with what I wanted. I say what I wish done and we discuss how good that would look with my skin tone and hair texture and such. Then it's done top notch. The colors are right, the length is right. You would not believe the number of times I've gone to a salon and left with hair that was brassy or ashier than I wanted and then it's blamed on my hair. Instead of the skills of the stylist. Or I leave with 6 inches less of hair then I wanted. But that was before I found Mina's. Now I'm happy every time and my stylist understands that I like my hair long and healthy and we're working together on that future vision." — Arielle W.

"I always feel welcome at Mina's from the time I walk in the door until I leave. Everyone at the front desk is welcoming and helpful; I won't mention any of their names, lest I leave someone out inadvertently, but they are all very kind and helpful.

Matthew makes sure all the staff has what they need, and is constantly accommodating the wishes of the clients...He makes a mean latte with a big smile on the side! :)

Jasmine is always kind and friendly as she washes my hair, to prepare me for the pièce de résistance, accomplished with great finesse by Alejandra, co-owner and hairstylist extraordinaire. While I am in the chair I am made to feel at home, as literally every stylist and staff member in the salon stops to greet me with a smile and a cheery word. When I leave, after Alejandra has performed her magic, I leave feeling and looking confident that I could win a contest for best hair color and style!

Chapel Hill is indeed fortunate to have Mina's in its midst...professional, comfortable and a huge touch of class! Best of all, I feel fortunate to have found all of this only ten minutes from home! Thank you to Alejandra, and everyone else at Mina's, including all of the styliste who have stepped in to make me feel beautiful, even in Alejandra's absence!" — Molly L.

"When checking in staff is always pleasant and makes one feel welcome. Each staff member is very pleasant and helpful." — Jane D.

"I seldom wait even five minutes, and am always offered a latte, water or whatever my heart desires by the always fun, kind and wonderful Matthew! The way Alejandra colors and styles my hair and the way EVERYONE greets me and takes time to speak to me and make me comfortable. Jasmine is always kind and gentle when she shampoos me, Matt pampers me and the rest of the clirnts( with his watchful eye, he doesn't Miss a trick!)... I always look forward to relaxing while I am in the salon and leaving, looking SO much better than when I walked in!" — Molly L.

"Very friendly and positive. In the cold months, (I) love the latte...always appreciate water. Thanks for caring! ... (What you like about the salon...) The attractiveness of the shop and, of course, April." — Ellen J.

"I was greeted right away and brought a glass of water. Another staff person also approached me and asked if I needed a drink or anything." — Lee H.

"(They have a) friendly staff with a good sense of humor conversation. They look you in the eye, are friendly and interesting people, interested in getting to know you" — Helen J.

"Excellent products which worked well and made me look good" — Sarah M.

"Jim and I BOTH love our hair and each other's hair ... just wanted to let you know!!" — Vera

"I love the spa feeling, especially for facials." — Kristin P.

"All are very friendly and welcoming" — Brian

"I've been going to Mina's for a few years now and I can always trust the stylists with my hair. They make an effort to understand what I'm asking for and then do their best to give me exactly that. Now I won't trust my hair to another salon." — Caitlin C.

"Jenny and the quiet environment inwhich I received my pedicure. It was the most relaxed I felt all day." — Ruth

"Quick, pleasant and was able to take a walk-in." — Ruth T.

"Katie does my hair and I find that it's definitely worth the price. She has a really incredible knowledge of color, and I never have to get used to my cut, i love it immediately. I've never had a steady hairdresser and frankly, I just absolutely love her. The atmosphere is really comfortable, everyone is really friendly and they even offer coffee drinks and other refreshments. I had heard that it was sort of stuffy and for the older, bourgeois east chapel hill crowd, but that is DEFINITELY not true. Everyone who works there seems pretty funky to me, and the clients seem pretty diverse. I've never gone for a wax but i've heard good things, my friend goes to Jenny? and swears by her. I would say Minas is an overall good experience, and I swear by them." — Addie D., YELP

"I would definitely recommend this salon for color. Louann is the best! I have been driving an hour away for almost 10 years to have my gray hair colored because I trust the person who did my hair that much. This is how important my hair color and style is to me..." — Patty H.

"...when I moved to Durham about 4 years ago it was a struggle to get my hair to look like I wanted it to. I tried other places and stylist until I found Kelsey now I will not be looking anymore for a new salon or stylist. She is GREAT!!!" — Lori L.

"... was amazing and made me feel at ease when cutting my long hair." — Susan

"...I LOVED my haircut and the style has kept for almost five months. She listened to what I wanted and gave me recommendations based on my wishes. It turned out better than I could have hoped for. So glad I came to see her. She was also very friendly and engaging which was nice as a first time customer." — Christina F.

"Jenny makes my skin look GREAT!" — Bonnie K.

"I love the way my stylist and the staff make an effort to get to know me and also to provide the best service they can by asking all the right questions about the services I need." — Stephanie

"How friendly all the staff was!" — Celeste M.

"Mariana Pacheco was fantastic. She was very patient and taught me how to take care of the treatment. I have never had so many compliments on my hair and the keritan treatment has remained in perfect condition. I could not have asked for better service, a better keritan treatment and a kinder person than Mariana." — Joan M.

"...friendly atmosphere and high-quality service." — Sharon T.

"I just love Mina's Salon and love what you've done inside w/ all of the construction and changes, and the products you offer. And, most of all, I love the staff and Jesse!!!" — Heather S.

"How friendly and conformable the staff makes me feel!" — Celeste M.

"I love that I can walk into the salon feeling a little frumpy and inevitably walk out feeling like a celebrity. My hair is one part of my appearance that I take a lot of pride in. I love that Alejandra listens! When I ask for only an inch off it is only an inch! Alejandra is also so sweet, she somehow remembers me each time I come in even though it is usually at least 3 months between visits." — Stefanie B.

"...I have gotten my hair done there 3 times now, and I've had a couple Brazilian waxes too. My fave stylist is Lane. He is extremely talented and always spends several minutes just talking to me about my needs and wants. Basically, going to Mina's is how I imagined hair salons when I was a child. You sit down and have a very adult conversation about exactly what you want. I can't believe people say they get rushed here. That has been the opposite of my experience! Lane talks to you and actually explains the science behind what he's doing (I'm a nerd and I like the chemistry behind everything). Also, he uses brand new techniques which make me feel like I'm a superstar :D

For reference, I have blond hair that is very fine and thin. I go to get my hair lighter and trimmed. My hair has never looked better! Friends and family are constantly commenting about the color and how my hair looks thicker now (which is a huge deal for me because my hair always looks flat and stringy). Also, I got recommended really good products.

Go to Mina's to get spoiled and treat yourself, and you won't be disappointed." — Alex H. (Yelp)

"I have been to several hair salons in the Triangle Area and Mina's by far as out-serviced them all! I have always had a very pleasant experience here. I have curly hair and have always beenvery picky with my haircuts. Sheila does a magnificent job and always has the best recommendations for my hairstyles! The front office staff has always been very friendly and helpful over the phone and in the office. They respond very quickly to emails and their online service is great! I also cannot rave more about the barista Matt! His lattes are AMAZING! :) — Kelly F. (Citysearch)

"Great color & cut from Maria! ... She is an absolute expert with color! She also gives excellent, flattering hair cuts. On top of all of that, Maria is super friendly and she gives useful advice on what to do to manage your hair at home. So helpful!!! I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed. :)" — Laura K. (Citysearch)

"Am new to town and was recommended to go to Alejandra for cut and highlights. Sure glad I went, my hair looks fantastic and I am so happy with the results. I am certainly going back." — Guest (Judy's Book)

"BEST SALON IN THE TRIANGLE. BEST SALON IN THE TRIANGLE! I followed Lane, the little bald guy, from his previous salon to Mina's because I love what he has done for my hair and I know several other people that feel the same way and also followed him to Mina's. He is very talented, listens to me, and has great ideas but isn't at all pushy. Most of all, he has integrity. Love the atmosphere of Mina's too; everyone is friendly and the owner is very personable. It's clear that her employees like working for her!" — baronness (Citysearch)

"I've never had such an amazing haircut and color experience. I'm thrilled with it." — MB Braker

"I was a new client for a haircut last week and wanted to say thank you. I was pretty anxious about going somewhere new, but I've had your cut for a week now and even I, who am really bad with hair, can make it look pretty good. So thank you!" — Val P.

"Best studio for all of your bridal needs! As some of you know when you get married everything happens in tornado fashion and when it is the big day getting ready is no exception!

I had heard many good things about the stylist at Mina's and received nothing less than the best experience ... the bridal coordinator, made scheduling so painless. She was able to work in myself and five bridesmaids for hair, make-up and nail services without breaking a sweat and with only two weeks notice. She was prompt and polite in each of our email exchanges and was there on the day to make sure everything ran smoothly which felt very personal, it was nice.

I ended up being paired with Tiffany for my make up and Gabi for my hair. Tiffany was a doll, she is very sweet and my make up looked beautiful and was done in a very natural way. Gabi was incredibly fast and provided me with exactly what I wanted for my up-do. She truly has talent.

All of us looked great and I cannot thank the staff at Mina's enough for helping make my big day a little less stressful with such great service." — SilentShutter (Citysearch)

"In Chapel Hill - a good hairdresser, personable front desk staff , a user friendly tutorial-- Mina's

Gabi for your hair needs, Brittany is your front of house /go to, and Molly your aesthetician/ enhancer- educator--TRI-FECTA

Professional; all their employees work conscientiously to provide services--their commitment to customer service is felt and not feigned. You will leave happily knowing you were in good hands" — resourceful (Citysearch)

"I've been a client at Mina's Studio for sometime now, and I've never been disappointed. Whether I need a great haircut, color, style, wax, manicure or pedicure I know that I can count on Mina's to do an excellent job. I've also relaxed and lavished in their massage and full spa day, which is a healthy treat like no other. Not only do they have wonderful, experienced professionals working there, their customer service is terrific. You always leave looking and feeling your very best." — Ellen Shannon

"Just wanted to say that I am so glad to have found Maximo again. He did a great job on my hair color and cut. No one colors hair like Maximo. He is fantastic!" — Susan W.

"I did want to say many thanks, especially to Heidi for the fabulous massage. If I could afford it, I would be there once a week to work on my neck and shoulders. And to Jenny for the facial - its a small thing, but my eyebrows (post-waxing) have never looked so neat!" — Linden E.

"Awesome! Jackie was great and did a great job on my hair! I am in fantastic hands with you all ... a class act from start through finish!" — Geri C

"Jenny Kapur at Mina's is the most professional, meticulous, thorough esthetician I've ever seen for leg and other waxing. She doesn't miss a hair and is the epitome of calm while she gets your skin smooth as a whistle. Mina's in general has a high level of service; always cordial, polite, and considerate folks from the front desk to the back rooms." — LaMarshall (Citysearch)

"To Louann and Kelsey - Thank you so much for a wonderful color and hairstyle. I am so pleased. My husband says my color looks great ... and is so much better. He also likes the style." — Lisa B.

"... She gives great advice for my type of hair on what will work and what will not. She cares for her clients and it shows." — Elena

"... I have gone to her for the last few months and am extremely happy with the results. She knows what is best for my hair and I love the way she's cut and styled it. Working with Kelsey at Mina's has been a great experience!" — Nancy

"I'm african american, and Jackie did an absolutely devine job. She was superb in details in terms of washing, treating, conditioning and especially styling my hair. She gave me sound advice in follow up products. I loved her!" — Betty from the Bahamas

"I had an appointment ... and just wanted to let her know how much I love my haircut! Two days later and without any formal styling, it still looks great, and I haven't said that about a haircut in years. Please let her know that I look forward to many future appointments!" — Yasmin

What I liked the most was "the environment, feeling like i was in responsible hands, that it was low-key." — Kiah McAndrew-Davis

What I liked the most was "the quality of my haircut - it (not only) incorporated what I wanted, but the stylist improved upon what I had told him." — Jen

"Good bikini wax with good attention to detail." — Heather

"I get great service and a great hair cut and color. Overall great experience." — Penny Summers

"My hair stylist ... has always provided the most outstanding hair cut and style that I've ever had." — Emily

"I liked that you are treated with respect and the staff always looks very professional. Also the staff always tries to accommodate me with my schedule since I travel from WV every time I come. As you can see from this it is very important to be satisfied with the service and the final results. Thank you so much." — Leticia Gonzalez

"I wanted to Thank Maximo for the great cut. I was thrilled with it and still am. It looks great any way I do it and I appreciate his skills. My hats off to you sir." — Linda Bohling

"I had my first appointment at Mina's last week with Maximo. Just wanted to say that my cut is fantastic- best I have had in years. He cut layers in to give my hair more body and it just falls into place. I am not very handy with styling, but when I do put a few large curlers in as he instructed, it looks great! I will definitely be back." — Delia Barrick

"Staff was attentive and friendly." — Wilma Gunnesch

"Front desk staff is always friendly. Wait is never too long." — Emily Scarborough

"Pleasant staff, they do fantastic work!" — Taylor Libby

What you liked most: "The appearance of the the place, the location, the parking and all Mina's staff always have an smile." — Erika Campos

"I like that I see the same hairdresser each time and that she knows me now. I also like that she knows how to do my hair and that she's responsive to requests that I have. Great capuccino!" — Judith

"... always makes me happy, but this time, I was in the mood for a REALLY DRASTIC change, and she came through! I trust her judgement and skills implicitly ...today I no longer have long blonde hair but short dark red hair and I cannot begin to tell you how right on she was with that suggestion! I heart Jessie" — Kristin

"The services provided are always superb...my hair always looks just the way I want it to look. Great and friendly service professionals." — Lucy

"I feel the friendliness and professionalism of the staff is what sets Mina's apart from other salons. From the stylists, to the manicurist and skin care, all the staff is knowledgeable and truly care about the client's comfort. I have been to salons around the world and have found Mina's to be the best yet.

*Special kudos to Stephanie for her wonderful knowledge and ability to know what looks best on a person. Her personality is an added plus." — Terri Collette

"The first area that comes to mind when I think about what sets Mina's Studio apart from others is quality. The staff is highly professional (they are really experts) and the studio itself exudes comfort in its layout and furnishings. The support staff even know your name! Because I am a busy person (who isn't these days?), I am impressed with on time (always) appointments and truly unique experience each time I visit. Definitely would recommend Mina's to others!" — Peter Capezio

"I love to come to Mina's Studio. Alejandra is a wonderful hair stylist - she is great with cutting and coloring and knows the latest styles. She is an expert. It is great to have her and Mina's Studio in Chapel Hill." — Barbara Day

"Everyone at Mina's is so welcoming, friendly and responsive. I appreciate the continuing education provided to the hairstylists. I trust and depend on Kris to respond to my continuous need to experiment but also say clearly "now that just will not work for you." Her suggestions are always right on the money.

The various services offered, the ideal location and attractive salon contribute to the enjoyable and pleasant experience. And I love the fresh flowers." — Suzanne Key

"I love coming to Mina's. It is beautiful and everyone is very professional ... She is delightful, creative and always open to questions and ideas. She makes sure she and I understand each other before she begins a cut and color. No matter what I have in mind, she can make it happen. I always leave happy!" — Gayle Moyer

"What sets Mina's Studio apart is the professionalism demonstrated at all time-from phone attendants/front desk to hairstylists. Always courteous and knowledgeable about products and services. I love the personal attention to clients' needs while providing what is the best style and product for you. Love the stylists' expertise!!! Friendly, warm environment! I would recommend to a friend because I am confident my friend would leave Mina's satisfied, happy and wanting to return for another appointment." — Phyllis Henthorne

"Mina's Studio has an upbeat, urban atmosphere while still being comfortable and relaxing. Clients of all ages can expect the highest quality experience." — Susan Ehringhaus

"Louann is an excellent haircolorist and Mina's Studio offers all the services that appeal to me. I make every effort to make sure I'm in town whenever I need color or cut because Louann is the best. To be able to get a manicure, pedicure or massage at the same studio is an added plus." — Blanche Critcher

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