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Perm and Relaxer


hair perm

Perms are back. Permanent waves do not necessarily have to give you a tight curl, they can add body and texture to hair. You can get perms that just add body to fine, limp hair, you can get loose, waves or you can go for the corkscrew curls.

A perm or permanent waving is the reconstruction of the hair shaft by a chemical action. The chemical action is produced with a permanent "solution" which softens the inner structure of the hair. It can then mold to the shape of the rod around which it is wound. Therefore, the smaller the rod the tighter the perm. The larger the rod the looser the perm, hence a body wave. Whatever your preference, the hair style experts at Mina's Studio in Chapel Hill will work with you to create that perfect look you are looking for!

Common Questions about perms:

What hair is right for perms?

Hair that has been minimally colored, including highlights and full color.

How long does a perm take?

1-2 hours, depending on how long your hair is. Also remember that a perm takes 28 hours to settle, you won't see the full effect until then

Recommendations on getting the best perm for me?

Bring in a picture of a perm you like. Also talk with your stylist about ideas that you have.

How long does a perm last?

Usually about 3 to 5 months. After 3 months re-perm your roots so they match the rest of your hair.

What can I do to prepare my hair for a perm?

Use a protein conditioning treatment as well as a regular moisturizing conditioner after you shampoo. But make sure you DO NOT deep condition your hair for at least 24 hours before the perm, otherwise the perm may not take.

How should I take care of my hair after a perm?

Shampoo with ammonium-based shampoos.


Are you having problems controlling your hair because of its wave or that it has too much body? Relaxer is great for leaving your hair silky straight and giving you a fresh new look.

Mina's Promise

Mina's Studio facilitates educational and professional growth within its salon staff. Designers are continuously trained in the latest, most advanced cutting, styling and color techniques. Stylists' prices may vary based on level of expertise and demand, as well as the customized requests of the individual client. Customer satisfaction is always our most important goal.

Request an appointment for a perm or relaxer today!

Basic Perm


Spiral Perm






Note: We will gladly style your hair following color, highlight, perm or relaxant services. However, you must request this additional service at the time you schedule your appointment so time is allotted to you. Ask your stylist about surcharges for this additional service.
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