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Hair Services & Products

We offer the very latest cutting edge trends. You can upgrade your service by requesting the "Mina's Studio Signature Cut". This signature cut includes a professional deep conditioning treatment bringing back vibrancy, shine and hydration.

Hair Color
Hair Coloring is a carefully formulated creation that is designed individually for each client.

Highlights and Lowlights
Services that create dimension and movement in the hair. Most often used to lighten up darker hair or to provide gray blending when you feel the time has come to go a little more natural.

Ombre and Balayage
Hair painting and artistic design at it's finest.

Keratin Complex
One of our most popular hair services is the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment. This treatment controls those curls, smooths frizz, and lasts for up to 3 months.

Brazilian Blow Out
Treat yourself to the most amazing smoothing system in the industry! Brazilian Blowout is the only smoothing treatment that can be customized to each clients hair needs and wants. It eliminates frizz, cuts blow dry times in half, locks in color, and it will survive your summer in chlorine and salt water!

UP-Do's / Special Occasion Hairstyles:
Creating stunning, unique hair masterpieces for any of your Special Events.

Perms are back in style. Permanent waves do not necessarily have give you a tight curl, they can add body and texture to hair. You can get perms that just add body to fine, limp hair, you can get loose, waves or you can go for the corkscrew curls.


Manicures and Pedicures
With the full manicure or pedicure you will receive a complete cuticle removal, exfoliation, nail shaping, and a massage with moisturizing conditioners, followed by polish.

Shellac ManicuresThis nail treatment, (also sometimes referred to as a gel manicure) promises to last up to a month with no chips, cracks or need for repairs.

Paraffin Treatments
This additional treatment after a complete manicure or pedicure will enhance your skin and leave it soft, supple and full moisturized.


Whether you're seeking a smooth skin tone, deep cleanse, or some down time and pampering, a facial can work wonders on your mental and physical well being. Facials combined with a customized home skin care routine can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lighten age and sun spots, and delay the appearance of aging skin. Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin with a choice of facials from Mina's Estheticians.

Waxing is an effective method of semi-permanent hair removal that removes hair at the root versus at the surface. It is a long-lasting method, as regrowth occurs at 4-6 weeks. Waxing is also an exfoliation, removing dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling smooth. There are some contraindications for waxing that include but are not limited to use of blood thinners, recent laser skin treatment, recent microdermabrasion, recent chemical peel and use of topical Vitamin-A products such as Retinol, Retin-A, Tazorac, etc. Waxing without a proper amount of time between treatments can cause the skin to lift. Please be sure to make your Esthetician aware of any possible contraindications.

Improve the appearance of your brows and lashes with tint! Our vegetable based dye is completely safe and works great on all hair types. Its a fabulous way to darken blonde brows to cover grays, and to make your brows look fuller. Tint is also great for those who don't like to wear mascara but like for their lashes to be visible.


Special Occasions
Are you looking for a new look, match a perfect foundation or want to turn heads at a special event? Then come to our expert makeup artists at Mina's Studio and relax as we ensure that your special occasion will be a memorable one. Whether it be for prom, graduation, a special dinner, work function or party, you can count on Mina's to deliver just the right look.

Make-Up with Instructions
Treat yourself to a special lesson with our expert make-up artists who will help you take the guesswork out of looking gorgeous. They will consult with your about your skin, help you to find the best products, and advise you on how to apply make-up to increase your natural beauty and have fresh, healthy, young looking skin.

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Reviews From our Satisfied Clients

  • "I'm in love with everything about Minas Studio! It's such a welcoming, fun, and relaxing environment."
  • "They did our entire bridal party on the day of our wedding. Both the ladies and the gentlemen had a great time being pampered and everyone looked like a million bucks!"
  • "The stylists at Minas Studio are simply the best. I've been a client for 10 years and will never go anywhere else."

Beauty Insights From Our Stylists

Learn how to look your best with these tips!

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  • The History of Cosmetics

    Cosmetics have been used for at least 6,000 years to cover up blemishes, enhance beauty and as an extension of the personality. Some evidence even suggests that natural pigments may have been used as makeup over 100,000 years ago. Ancient Times to Renaissance In Ancient Egypt people used balms made ...

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  • What to do if You Break a Nail

    If you have nails, no matter how short or long, they have broken. It is an unavoidable reality for us all. So how do you treat a broken nail. We’ll provide you with some valuable tips that will help you deal with a break, but first let’s look at why nails break in the first place. Why Nails Break There ...

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  • Tools of the Nail Trade

    If you’ve sat in a chair at a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure, you will notice your nail technician is armed with a box or tray full of tools. What’s that whatchamacallit, doohickey, doodad, thingamabob, thingamajig? You know what they do—or at least you think you do—but you may be clueless ...

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  • Treating a Scalp Sunburn

    Spending time outdoors, especially if you are active, can be part of a healthy lifestyle. But if you are outside when the sun is out, you need to protect your skin, and that also means the skin on the top of your head. Too much exposure to the sun, without adequate protection may increase your risk ...

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  • How to Properly Wash Your Face

    Most people establish their face washing habits when they’re teens, and then never give it another thought. But maybe it’s time to reexamine this basic beauty ritual. The way you wash your face can make a difference in your skin’s health and appearance. Here are face washing best practices, as ...

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    If you live in a place that gets cold during the winter, then it’s not just the winter blues that you need to beat. When the temperatures drop, your skin can become dry and cracked. Cold winter air also tends to be drier, which sucks the moisture out of the body. And if the wind picks up, any exposed ...

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  • How to Care for Wet Hair

    Sometimes we want to dry our hair as quickly as possible and get on to the next thing. But after washing your hair, it’s time to exercise patience; wet hair is vulnerable to damage. Here’s how to best care for your hair when it’s wet. Towels Most women have used towels for drying their hair, ...

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  • How to Blow Dry Your Hair

    The process seems simple enough – use a blow dryer to take your hair from wet to dry – but these blow drying tips will keep your hair healthier and looking its best. Preparing your hair A good blow dry starts with a good wash and conditioning. Dry or damaged hair needs all-over conditioning, while ...

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  • Best Brush for Your Hair Type

    Most women give more thought to their shampoo than to that most humble and underestimated styling tool, the hairbrush. But this basic piece of equipment can make a big difference – for good or bad – in the way your hair looks and feels. Let’s examine some of the most common types of hairbrushes ...

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